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OVER 60s
OVER 60s
Some years ago, local resident John Pellett suggested to Richard Carley that, it would be nice for the over 60s residents in Woodchurch, and surrounding area, to have somewhere to socialise. So after some deliberation Richard  started The Woodchurch Pop-In Centre. He had plenty of land but no building into which he could accommodate the people, so not to be beaten, he arranged for a large marquee to be erected. The Pop-In has proved so successful that Richard  has decided to erect a purpose built unit to replace the marquee. Unfortunately the marquee stood where the new building would be, so the original erectors  ‘Perfect Day Marquees’,   offered to move the Marquee to its new position, FREE OF CHARGE, as their donation towards the new building. So  Miles and his gang , set to and had the marquee moved in a trice.
Before moving on, we feel it is necessary to publicly thank, local councillor  Aline Hicks for  her tireless efforts to see the planning permission though, and recognition is also due to Ashford Borough Council’s planning department who could not have been more helpful.
When the new building is completed, The Pop-In Centre will be open several days a week  but, in the mean time, the  Pop-In Centre is still being held in the Marquee  every Wednesday between 1.45 & 4pm  where visitors can socialise and participate in  a weekly quiz, raffle and bingo. Furthermore visitors will not go hungry or thirsty as there is always a wide selection of refreshments, including,  tarts, pies and sponges, supplied by two stalwart members, Shirley Looker and Jean Boorman.  For liquid refreshment there’s tea or coffee, all year round, plus cold fruit juice in the summer.
John Pellett - the originator of the Pop-In can be found enjoying the fruits of his efforts every  Wednesday. Current volunteers are  Clive & Shirley Looker, Barbara Knell & Jean Boorman  
Last updated  14th Feb. 2019
Richard Carley and Shirley Looker have both been awarded ABC’s coveted  ‘Civic Award’ for services to the village of Woodchurch.  Particularly acknowledging their hard work at Woodchurch Pop In Centre.
Pictures to follow shortly
Boot Fair mostly undercover
at the ‘Pop-In’
1st Sunday  every month
9am to 12 noon
Future dates
3rd March - 7th April - 5th May - 2nd June - 7th July - 4th August - 1st Sept - 6th Oct - 3rd Nov - 1st Dec
More details from
Clive 01233 860 139
Stallholder terms.
1st Table £5 further tables £2.50 each.
Cars/vans £5
Book a table at three separate Fairs and you get a free table on your 4th visit.
Up to 30 stalls sagging with bargains
The Lodge is now available for small parties ( up to 15 persons)  to use.  Click here
9th Oct -18 The new building well on the way to completion. Click here for building history.
Windows are in 18th Dec-18
The Building.